Commit cfc999c0 authored by Neil Gershenfeld's avatar Neil Gershenfeld


parent 5ec281bb
...@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ clone repos: ...@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ clone repos:
set up motion set up motion
mkdir ~/.motion mkdir ~/.motion
cp ~/cams/motion.conf ~/.motion cp ~/cams/motion/motion.conf ~/.motion
mousepad ~/.motion/motion.conf mousepad ~/.motion/motion.conf
set VNC password: set VNC password:
tightvncpasswd tightvncpasswd
set up VNC: set up VNC:
cp ~/cams/xstartup ~/.vnc/ cp ~/cams/motion/xstartup ~/.vnc/
chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup
can use https certificates can use https certificates
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