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# Simulation of shield effectiveness
Simulation of coughing and sneezing for PPE design.
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  • Another angle of PPE is to test how various PPE might or might not mitigate the spread of droplets/aerosols from the wearer to others. This is very important as we have concerns that some of the spread of CoV2 to healthcare workers (HCWs) is HCW-HCW spread. So, PPE such as masks, and perhaps face shields too, perhaps should be tested with respect to how well they mitigate such spread from the wearer. (Additionally, we place masks on patients and visitors for this purpose).

    Look at Visualizing Speech-Generated Oral Fluid Droplets with Laser Light Scattering [in the NEJM] ( One area that I'm interested in is: Do reusable elastomeric/silicone respirators pose a risk to the local environment due to the presence of an unfiltered one way exhalation valve, and if so, what cheap, easy method can be employed to mitigate this? Some wear a surgical or cloth mask over he exhalation valve. The exhalation valve is small, so finding a filter material that's ubiquitous + cheap (such as the various pre-motor filters in household vacuum cleaners), effective and easily modified in some way to fit over the differing exhalation valves of the various brands/models of reusable elastomeric respirators would be nice.

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