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- US data on medical waste generation:
- [Stericycle]( is the largest hauler of regulated medical waste in the US & operator of 50 medical waste treatment plants. The publicly traded, Illinois-based company neither owns landfills nor recycles equipment.
- Stericycle [CEO Cindy Miller said on May 7]( that the company has seen "a small decrease" in medical waste volumes "due to the postponement of preventative care and elective surgeries and the temporary closure of smaller, independent health care practices."
- IBISWorld reports on PPE Manufacturing Statistics in the US cost ~$1,000.
- [IBISWorld reports]( on PPE Manufacturing Statistics in the US cost ~$1,000.
- Contact Stericycle?
- Contact MGH, through Lorena Altamirano?
- Contact other major players in waste management, such as Waste Management Inc. and Republic Services Inc?
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