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**Waste PPE: addressing the challenge**
**Framing: the waste issue**
Reuse: priority (use cycles); then eventually recycle/degrade/incinerate
Interventions: tech
- Sorting tech
- Materials (reusable, e.g. face shield)
- Evaluation of resuse/recycle approach vs business as usual
- Evaluation of quality of PPE (e.g. light sensor for opacity, whether its scratched up)
- Storage solution
- Cleaning (autoclave or other)
- Distribution tech, 'sharing' approaches as a collective, e.g. sharing PPE, sharing autoclave access; large and small clinics (Fab Labs could be a distribution Hub)
- Recycling or degredation or incineration
- Technologies that prolong the life of PPE (e.g. face shield cleaner)
- Developing new PPE from recycled feedstock - enabler: Material characterization technology; ASTM standards
Interventions: institutional
- Protocols for storing
- Fab Labs help with recycling PPE that has been stored for an adequate time period
General approaches
1. Reusable PPE
2. Recyclable PPE
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Brainstorming topic: Some bioplastics are antimicrobial, and could be used for textiles. However, it is uncertain whether these would be appropriate barrier materials, and how biodegradability would be managed after end of life.
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