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Mention OpenOCD bootloader burning

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......@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ We need to write this file into the micro's memory. I have been using the `Seria
To speak SWD, I just use the Atmel-Ice programmer, and Atmel Studio 7 (a windows application, sorry). Any programmer that speaks SWD should be capable of doing this. In Atmel Studio, go to `Tools -> Device Programming`, and select the Atmel-Ice Tool, the ATSAMD51xxxx device you'd like to program (the bootloader is written for the ATSAMD51J19A), and the SWD interface. You should be able to read the device signature. If this works, your SWD connection is all super-gucci (as they say). You can navigate to `Memories` - and write that bootloader in. OK. The device should now enumerate over USB as an Adafruit Feather M4 / FeatherBoot (or something similar).
Another option is to program the bootloader with openocd. This [page]( has some relevant details of the bootloader. In particular, it's 16k.
### Platformio
To write code and load it, I use [PlatformIO](, which is an open source 'IOT' (embedded) programming tool written as a package for either [atom]( code-editor, or [vscode]( See their doc for setting up a new project for the D51 / Feather M4.
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