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......@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ Depending on your chip, you'll need to find a programmer (device, i.e. the Atmel
While microcontrollers *include* tiny processors, they interface with the world with auxilliary circuits called **peripherals**. We can think of these like little bundled ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) that offload time-sensitive work from the processor. These also perform level shifting and current carrying capability.
Here's the diagram for an XMEGA
Some common peripherals:
- [PORT / PIN for digital logic (high, low, input)](
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ Some common peripherals:
If we imagine peripherals to be little machines that the processor operates, we can think of registers as *memory locations whose bits are switches* for those machines. This is a bit odd, but I find it a useful metaphor. When we write into register locations, we are switching these bits on and off.
So! Figuring out which registers to read / write to is where we come to the datasheet. These provide extensive information on which registers do what, what order they need to be configured in, etc.
......@@ -66,9 +66,26 @@ So! Figuring out which registers to read / write to is where we come to the data
Is a PITA, but hugely enabling. Here are two guides: [one]( and [two](
## CBA Examples
- [XMEGA: friendly, powerful](
- [NRF52: native wireless, fast ARM-core](
- [ATSAMD51: 120MHz ARM M4, Adafruit Love](
- [ATSAMS70: 300MHz ARM M7](
## Other Architectures
### PSOCs
Programmable Systems On a Chip are somewhere between FPGAs and Microcontrollers. They typically contain a microcontroller core with adaptable / configurable sets of peripherals. Very cool. Graphical language mixed with c code.
### FPGAs
FPGAs are reconfigurable everything-s.
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