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# Programming the NRF52
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# NRF52
* talk about chip features
* show ring speed for packets, compared to NRF24
# Programming the NRF52
Programming involves two steps: 1) compiling code, and 2) flashing the code to the chip.
Thanks to the folks at Adafruit, you can use the Arduino IDE to perform both steps. Instruction on installing the appropriate libraries can be found <a href=''>here</a>.
To build the toolchain for compilation manually, you can follow the instructions on <a href=''>this page</a> (starting at heading "GNU ARM Compiler").
The steps for flashing your code depends on what board and programmer you have.
# Adafruit Feather NRF52 Board
This is a great board; I would highly recommend it for NRF52 projects.
This board comes flashed with a Serial DFU bootloader and it has an onboard USB-to-Serial converter. This allows you to program it simply with a USB cable.
# Custom board with Segger J-Link
# Custom board with OpenOCD and Raspberry Pi
You don't have to spend hundreds on a J-Link (even though it is very nice). Using <a href=''>OpenOCD</a>, we can make a Raspberry Pi bit-bang the programming protocols.
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