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    1. What are the Darkened marks on the elements of the flexure? Are they the burnt marks of the heat affected zone? Please send me a high-photo of the laser-cut flexure (
    2. Would there be considerable stress on the laser-cut part? What happen if the tabs are cut away?Flexure_of_microspline
    3. I have stitched micrograph of the uAWJ-cut flexure. Please send me instruction to upload the micrograph
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  • Could the burnt marked be mitigated by increasing the pulse rate, reducing the power, and/or reducing the cutting speed? I am curious to find out how much distortion would result after the tabs are cut due to the residual stress induced by the laser cutting.

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  • @pliu gitlab is very well documented here:

    Our new 5555 just arrived and is about to be installed. Would you like to plan a time for a visit, for you to see and run comparison cuts on that and our EDM, fiber laser, micromachining laser, and precision mill?

  • I had uploaded several lines of text and three images. The images were not in the right place under "Micro Waterjet". How do I move the images under that topic?

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  • Sara, Could you superimpose the tool path onto the laser-cut flexure to observe whether there is any distortion after the tabs were cut off? See the attached graph by superimposing the tool path onto uAWJ cut flexure. It shows only very little distortion if any.Comparison_of_flexureg_cut_with_MicroMAX_7-10nozle_and_dxf_drawing_for_microsplines_of_asteroid_gripper

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  • @pliu, it might be easiest to schedule a video meeting to go over questions about gitlab use. &/or plan a time for you to visit -- our new 5555 is operational, and making nice parts with the 7/15 nozzle. Purpose would be for you to go through making the same part on our waterjet, EDM, fiber laser, precision mill.

  • I am attaching the first part of the report as a Tech Memo to summarize the collaboration before the establishment of the MicroCutting Project. I would like the individual owners of machine tools to add in your comments and feedback. Please refer to Section 2.3 on the description of the tools used in the Project. I will continue working on Part 2 in which the machining and fabrication of the flexure will be documented. I am still waiting for a couple of participants to send me their samples (BMF and Moog). Tech_Memo_01152019_Microcutting_Project_d_Part1.pdf (The last file was not the one for uploading. This is the right one but I have to send the pdf file as the Word file is too large).

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