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# Common Issues
1. **_Help! My SRM-20 will only run a single job and then go dead!_** Chances are you are using printserver.js instead of deviceserver.js to connect to the machine. For now, we need to treat the SRM-20 as a device instead of a printer.
1. **_Help! My SRM-20 won't work!_** You must use deviceserver.js rather than printserver.js to connect to the machine. Note: the start_mods_server script by default uses printserver.
2. **_Argg... why do I need to reset permissions on /dev/usb/lp0 every restart?_** You can use `sudo add_user username lp` and `sudo add_user username lpadmin` to make persistent permissions.
3. **_Why is my web socket connection refused when the addresses are the same?_** This can happen due to a difference between IPV4 and IPV6 addresses. In your start mods server script, try changing to ::ffff: and see if it helps.
4. **_Why is my address in use?_** You must run stop_mods_server to free the address. The IPV4 vs. IPV6 issue can confuse the server, but you can always restart your machine to free all addresses.
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