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|estimated GFlops|code|description|system|date|
|8,668,954|[](CUDA/|C++, CUDA+MPI<br>1024 nodes, 6144 ranks, GPUs<br>nvcc -arch=sm_70 -std=c++11|Summit<br>Oak Ridge OLCF<br>IBM AC922|October, 2020|
|17,340,800|[](CUDA/|C++, CUDA+MPI<br>2048 nodes, 12228 ranks, GPUs<br>nvcc -arch=sm_70 -std=c++11|Summit<br>Oak Ridge OLCF<br>IBM AC922|December, 2020|
|88,333|[mpimppi.c](hybrid/mpimppi.c)|C, MPI+OpenMP<br>1024 nodes, 64 cores/node, 4 threads/core<br>cc mpimppi.c -o mpimppi -O3 -ffast-math -fopenmp|Theta<br>Argonne ALCF<br>Cray XC40|October, 2019|
|12,589|[](CUDA/|C++, CUDA, 8 GPUs, 5120 cores/GPU|NVIDIA V100|March, 2020|
|11,083|[mpithreadpi.cpp](hybrid/mpithreadpi.cpp)|C++, MPI+threads, 128 nodes, 64 cores/node, 4 threads/core<br>CC mpithreadpi.cpp -o mpithreadpi -O3 -ffast-math -std=c++11|Argonne ALCF Theta<br>Cray XC40|March, 2020|
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