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# DFF (Super Lab) Inventory
# How to:
- ### Planning
- Export Control: Can this inventory be exported from the US to the target country? If not what is the "work around"?
- How are we going to ship?
- Vendor dropship
- Can they do it?
- Have they shipped to this country before?
- What is their planned route? Air/sea/truck/combination?
- Remember, many times we understand the implications of shipping to a particular place better than they do
- Adcom or other logistics company shipping
- Expected lead time?
- Cost?
- Size and weight restrictions to that country?
- Route? Air/sea/truck/combination?
- Duty and Import
- What entity is importing?
- Do they have or can they figure out a way to get duty-free import (usually $100K in savings)
- Utility Considerations
- Electrical Specs (110V/220V/440V 50Hz/60Hz Single or Three Phase)
- Water Quality and temperature (used to determine the need for a chiller and filtration system with the Waterjet)
- Lighting: If there's a lack of natural light will there be enough lighting for safe lab operation?
- Ventilation
- How will the laser cutters be vented? Where will those vents exhaust to?
- Welding: Do we need a trunk?
- Molding and Casting: Can't be an enclosed space
- In the case of a biolab: Is a laminar flow hood needed? What is the "natural ventilation" like in the selected space?
- Layout
- Work together on a lab layout to help determine space, utility needs, renovation needs
- Machines
- Goals of the lab and who will be its primary users?
- What will the lab included? (Balance of budget and wishlist)
- Will all purchases be made at once or will it be a multi-phase purchase/deployment? If multi-phase determine the priorities and purchasing order.
- ### Purchasing
- ### Deployment
- ### Installation
- ### Operation
- Gitlab
- Documenting users, training, spaces, tools
- Repos to document project work
- Each Machine should have an owner who is responsible for learning that machine, training others, performing maintenance and overseeing necessary repairs.
- Machine Maintenance is absolutely necessary. Creating a schedule in Gitlab can help to ensure this is being done regularly. The are high level, precise machines that don't like to sit idle or not be maintained.
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