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......@@ -106,6 +106,28 @@ Would be great if there was another set of identical signal pins for probing
Capacitors for VM and VPH stuck together on both board on one end - separate a little more
## Learning how to put components on the PCB.
Here's how I put together the components based on what Jake told me:
1. Lay out all your components first. It is really nice if you have a tray in
which you can put your most used components onto so that you can just pick them
out directly instead of going all the way to the reel or a bag.
2. Pull out your stencil. It makes it really easy to put the solder paste on there.
Clean a surface and put your board(in my case a 2x2 array of the board which come together
to make multiple at a time) right on top. Line up the holes of the stencil with the
soldering pads on the board. I found that using any large pads on opposite ends of the board
were really useful for most of the aligning. Afterwards, grab a sizeable amount of solder paste
and put it onto the stencil. If it was refrigerated, wait for it to heat up a little, as
you want the paste to be easily moldable so it goes into holes easier. Then simply
squeege the paste onto the holes from one side to the other while holding
down the stencil so it doesn't move. Push down hard as you squeege
so all the paste goes in. Take off your stencil and checkout your work under a microscope
to see if the paste aligns with the pads well enough!
# Sources:
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