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......@@ -35,8 +35,31 @@ BOTTOM
A few concerns here arise with v2.0 that need to be addressed by checking some
parameters in person, which I shall do tomorrow.
The fill for GND that goes towards the Motor GND has a choke point at the corner
due to the headers for uploading code being right next to the power and GND sources.
To solve this, I will move the MOSFETS towards the left and up, enough to get
a decent amount of fill, but before then, I want to check how the physical
mounting of the programming female headers fit with the male headers on the board
to solidify the perimeter of the board.
The highest value that I have been able to get the ADC on the ATKBBB to read
is 1.5V. I need to test it again with every possible combination detailed in the
manual to see what the actual max is to consider changing the size of the
shunt resistor. Right now it is set to 7mOhm, which would return to the ADC
Solved Problems/Interesting Challenges
Due to the way the PWR and GND are conected, I had to get creative with the GND
planes. With the limited knowledge I have gathered. I limited the motor GND to the
TOP plane, and kept the Bottom ground plane as clear as possible for the Gate Driver
, which required some creative routing of some components.
......@@ -75,9 +98,13 @@ Always have a ground plane.
Try to be as symmetric as possible
Differential pairs routing for pairs of traces.
Many many more to be copied from my notebook soon.
Gate Driver: <<< A bunch of great resources there for general pcb layout knowledge.
General TI-DRV-style Motor Driver PCB Layout manual:
Great Resource on ground planes -
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