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......@@ -125,9 +125,45 @@ down the stencil so it doesn't move. Push down hard as you squeege
so all the paste goes in. Take off your stencil and checkout your work under a microscope
to see if the paste aligns with the pads well enough!
3. Grab some tweezers with your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other.
Under the microscope place each component carefully. As I was placing them down
for the first time, I ended up bumping into other components and having to fix those too,
which took forever in the end. I also found it to be better not to push down when
placing components, as it just smears the paste everywhere. Don't worry too much
about paste being in the wrong places though, when it is in the oven, it balls up
and collects itself around where it needs to be. Careful though, if components are
placed close, they can be pulled together. I made two boards, and in both boards
the only problem was that two capacitors got stuck together on one end in the exact
same place. I made a note to change it on Eagle for the next version, and I had to
unsolder, and solder it back manually (which I found to be really hard!).
Here it is fixed up!
Some more picks of the board under microscrope.
4. Finally! put it in the oven! For CBA oven, there is a switch at the right
end all the way to the back that turns it on, and then you click on the top option
when the boards are inside of the oven, which automatically started the whole
process. Then just wait until it says cooling down wait 10...9...8.. then just turn it off
and open up the door to cool it down. You can also leave it in the oven for a bit.
Depends on how quickly you want to test them ;)
5. Test out your parts! Here is a pic of this finished board!
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