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AutomataKit is a collection of open hardware and software developed to as a rapidly reconfigurable library for various machine-building, process development, and robotics projects.
Typically, designing and engineering complex systems requires knowledge across the disciplines of electrical engineering, embedded programming, mechanical design, controls engineering, and interface design. By breaking these components into reconfigurable [software and hardware objects](!/nadya-phd), AutomataKit aims to allow non-experts (and experts) to jump in to higher-level systems design.
It uses a Distributed Dataflow Programming paradigm: hardware and software objects are all nodes in a graph, executing computing and physical tasks.
!DOC - threeset: hardware objects, network topology, software
[ATKAPI]( serves a development environment for those graphs.
# Examples
- [Mother Mother: a Machine Generalist](
- [*A Machine* for playing *Music for Pieces of Wood* by Steve Reich by Jake Read](
- [Modular, Networked Stepper Motor Control](
- [MPVMachine](
- [SmallGantries](
- [ClayStacker](
- [MPVMachine](
- [SmallGantries](
- [ClayStacker](
## The Network
......@@ -93,7 +97,11 @@ For example, to write a Step Trapezoid command, I would write ``packet 0,1,ptr,e
## Next ATK Notes
- final rev change rj12 conn ? change on mkbbb ...
- pin_init doesn't need PINx_bm field, just use the number, ferchrissake
- DMA, lights ? speed test ?
# Reproducing and Extending Automatakit Work
......@@ -20,9 +20,10 @@ var ByteLengthParser = SerialPort.parsers.ByteLength;
var port = new SerialPort(process.argv[2], {
baudRate: 750000,
dataBits: 8,
/* dataBits: 8,
parity: 'none',
flowControl: false,
//----------------------------------------- readline
......@@ -99,7 +100,7 @@ function parseLineIn(data) {
case 'trapezoid':
case 'block':
packet[u] = 131;
// a linked acceleration planned segment
// we'll be going betwee float-space for steps in the higher levels, so
......@@ -206,7 +207,7 @@ function logAdvice() {
console.log('test: sends byte 128 to network test')
console.log('steps: {steps uint32_t, speed steps/s float, dir uint8_t}')
console.log('block: {steps float (also dir), cruise speed steps/s float, accelleration steps/s/s float, start speed float, end speed float')
console.log('block: steps, entry, accel, accelLength, deccelLength')
//----------------------------------------- parsing
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