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......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ At the end of the day, current moves through coils, voltages are read and delive
[Stepper Motor Daughterboard]( uses a TMC262 gate driver to drive two discrete H-Bridges, current chopping excited stepper motor coils. Spins those motors. Includes a home for an AS5047 encoder if I ever find time to close that loop.
[H-Bridge Daughterboard]( uses an A4955 gate driver to drive one discrete H-Bridge, with a sense resistor for closed loop current control, or optional hardware current chopping. The board can also be used to drive one or two heavy dc loads, like heating elements. Includes an SPI breakout port for an encoder, or fancy thermometer, etc.
[Router Daughterboard]( adds four (4) very-fast-uart (codename VFP) links to the motherboard, establishing system hubs, etc. These can be chained / etc - there is no graph size limit.
[Power Distribution Boards]( are handy circuits for bussing power (separate from network) around a machine.
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