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**Status 2019/11/13**
**Status 2019/07/18**
The project is ongoing. Managers exist and run dataflow programs in Node, in the Brower, and in Embedded CPP. Each manager is now essentially complete. Network serialization algorithms are written, as is a scheme for program description via sequential messaging.
# Node and Raspberry Pi
It's nice to serve node projects on a raspberry pi, and we specifically would like to (eventually) bundle build tools / dev tools etch into 'head' machines like this, so, the guide, as I imagine I will do this again in the future / ask others to do it.
First, setup your raspberry pi. You can effectively do all of this with SSH, but I always just get a keyboard and mouse and do it au-manuel.
Once you have the pi setup, you'll want to install node on the pi. The best way to do this, I think, is using NVM: the node version manager. We install NVM first, then it installs node and npm.
#### Install NVM
[NVM install is easy on the command line](
Now we can use NVM to install / update node and npm. Meta! How about NVMVM?
That's about it I suppose!
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