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## Wiring
#### Powering Boards
The network cables don't carry any power, just four pairs of differential signals. So each board needs a power connection as well.
The boards should all share a ground, but can run on different voltages of input power. Most will take 24v on two M3 screw-mounts - I use eye terminals soldered to 18ga wire to deliver power.
The router can also accept power from a USB device. If you're powering it over USB, *do not* also power it via 24v.
Last thing, don't power your supply on before you go to screw power connections onto the boards. Wire them up, and then switch on.
#### Network Cables
At a bare minimum, you're going to be hooking these things up to power, and to each other (network).
- don't forget to check polarity before you power up
- network cables can be made two ways: only one is correct - *rj45 tabs should be on the same side of the ribbon cable* i.e. the cable is a 'straight through' type, not a crossover. this means that tx meets rx, etc.
- the transmit / receive ports are RS-485 Differential Driven, meaning there is no common gnd connection between boards besides the power bus.
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