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......@@ -29,6 +29,9 @@ At a bare minimum, you're going to be hooking these things up to power, and to e
The connectors I use are called 'RJ45' Jacks and Plugs. These are standard for Ethernet, but also 'generally useful'. This is not ethernet, but these *are* RJ45. It's 8 wires, and in our case that's four differential pairs - two duplex lines on each side.
One cool thing about RJ45 is the modularity of the cables. We can use commodity crimping tools to make our own lengths:
- one side cuts, one side strips. use both at the same time to get the right length of stripped wire
- use the '8p' crimp, note the tab direction in the crimp
- pinch! the plug has a plastic tab inside that should come down to meet the wire jacket
![rj45 video](images/rj45-assembly.mp4)
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