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......@@ -6,14 +6,38 @@ The project is ongoing. Managers exist and run dataflow programs in Node, in the
Largely, work is ongoing in application development, and in completing cuttlefish's heirarchichal tools like route building and system restore / save. Work is also ongoing in networking, and many serialization types remain unwritten, but will be filled in as applications call for them...
**Jogging for One Motor via direct USB**
That's great, and here's a screenshot and video of running this system through a 2nd link, showing more levels of nesting...
That's great, and here's a screenshot and video of running this system through a 2nd link (browser -websocket-> node -usb-> embedded (router) -rj45uart-> embedded (motor))
![L4 Graph](images/2019-07-19-systemone.png)
![L4 Video](video/2019-07-18-systemone.mp4)
**Jogging 3DOF w/ 4 Motors**
The program runs keystroke events from the browser (that pink box, a collector), down through a websocket to node.js (nautilus), where they are used to run three jogging hunks. Each jogging hunk runs an output / input loop, sending moves to each motor designating how many steps are to be taken during each time interval. Steppers run clocked interrupt intervals (in this case, at 20ms per clock) and execute as many steps in each interval, returning those increments back upstream once they're complete.
## What it Is
The **Squid Works** project is a bundle of modular hardware and software resources for the development of Distributed Dataflow Machine Controllers: a class of controllers that use dataflow programming across network links to orchestrate global control across heterogeneous computing.
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