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......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ Fabricatable pulse oximeter for covid-19 response.
## status
Early prototyping. Parts ordered, design sketched.
Deprecated; moved to
## need
Blood oxygenation and heart rate, particularly, when combined with other metrics such as body temperature and respiration rate, may help give caregivers early notice of potential coronavirus infection. The need for a FabLab-built pulse-ox is less clear; the integrated sensors themselves seem to be in stock through the usual electronics distributors, and various online retailers appear to also have units ready for shipment. However, there is still value in providing an open reference design that uses an off-the-shelf sensor for integration into other projects. I'd also like to investigate building the sensor itself using generic optoelectronic components, but early research suggests this will be quite a bit more complicated due to the tight LED wavelength requirements.
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