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The fabricated sensor board was designed in KiCad around a commonly available op-amp and photodiode:
... and laid out for single-sided PCB milling using a 1/64" mill:
After assembly, the PCBs required a bit of sanding for a snug fit in the finger sleeve. Prior to use, a cut piece of neoprene was adhered to one side to provide padding and a bit of finger size accomodation.
See my [NMM final project page]( for a first pass at data analysis.
### Practical Considerations
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(34 B.Paste user)
(35 F.Paste user)
(36 B.SilkS user)
(37 F.SilkS user)
(37 F.SilkS user hide)
(38 B.Mask user)
(39 F.Mask user)
(40 Dwgs.User user)
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