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parent e52de847
......@@ -470,6 +470,7 @@ label {
padding-right: 10px;
padding-left: 15px;
width: 100%;
......@@ -61,7 +61,18 @@ define(['jquery', 'underscore', 'menuParent', 'camPlist', 'cam', 'text!assembler
_makeTemplateJSON: function(){
return _.extend(this.model.toJSON(), cam.toJSON(), cam.get("assembler").toJSON());
return _.extend(this.model.toJSON(), cam.toJSON(), cam.get("assembler").toJSON(),
{customFns: {
customFunctionsContext: "Context Variables",
customCalcPositionOffsets: "Calc Position Offsets",
customHeader: "Header",
customHome: "Go Home",
customMoveXY: "Move XY",
customChangeZLayer: "Change Z",
customPlacePart: "Place Part",
customFooter: "Footer"
template: _.template(template)
......@@ -21,13 +21,12 @@ Rotation (xyz):  
Scale: &nbsp;&nbsp;<input data-property="scale" value="<%= scale %>" placeholder="Scale" class="form-control floatInput assembler" type="text"><br/><br/>
Edit Code:<br/><br/>
Context Variables <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customFunctionsContext" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Position Offsets <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customCalcPositionOffsets" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Header <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customHeader" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Go Home <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customHome" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
<% var treeLevel = 0;
_.each(customFns, function(description, key){ %>
<% treeLevel++; %>
<div class="alternatingColorList<% if (treeLevel%2 == 0){ %> evenListItem <% } %>">
<label><%= description %> <a class="editMachineCode pull-right" data-name="<%= key %>" href="#">Edit</a></label>
<% }); %><br/>
<!--Pick up stock <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customHeader" href="#">Edit</a><br/>-->
Move XY <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customMoveXY" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Change Z <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customChangeZLayer" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Place part <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customPlacePart" href="#">Edit</a><br/>
Footer <a class="editMachineCode" data-name="customFooter" href="#">Edit</a><br/><br/>
<a href="#" id="saveMachineConfig" class=" btn btn-block btn-lg btn-success">Save Machine Files</a><br/>
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