Commit d2a83bf9 authored by Amanda Ghassaei's avatar Amanda Ghassaei


parent a275c2b7
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ Aspect Ratio:  
<input data-property="aspectRatio" data-key="y" value="<%= aspectRatio.y %>" placeholder="Y" class="form-control floatInput" type="text">&nbsp;
<input data-property="aspectRatio" data-key="z" value="<%= aspectRatio.z %>" placeholder="Z" class="form-control floatInput" type="text"><br/><br/>
<% if (connectionType == "gik") { %>
GIK Length:&nbsp;&nbsp;<input data-property="gikLength" value="<%= gikLength %>" placeholder="GIK length" class="form-control intInput appState" type="text"><br/><br/>
Part Length:&nbsp;&nbsp;<input data-property="gikLength" value="<%= gikLength %>" placeholder="Length" class="form-control intInput appState" type="text"><br/><br/>
<% } %>
<a href="#" class="clearCells btn btn-block btn-lg btn-danger">Clear All Cells</a><br/>
Num Cells:&nbsp;&nbsp;<%= numCells %><br/>
......@@ -202,11 +202,11 @@ define(['three'], function(THREE){
gik: {
name: "GIK",
name: "Lego",
subclass: "gikLattice",
type: {
willGik: {
name: "Will's Lattice",
name: "Electronic GIK Lattice",
parts: {
lego: {
name: "Micro LEGO (high res)"
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