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......@@ -147,3 +147,16 @@ I've also been looking at a similar mechanism for a non-contact torque cell. Mo
The video above shows a printed test of an exagerrated flexure (so that we can see the deflection). I've also printed some much stiffer flexures which translate in a range measureable by a differential hall effect pair.
### 2 DOF Force + Moment
After talking to Ian about the requirements of a 2 degree of freedom load cell for a prosthetic ankle application, here was a quick sketch of a flexure and layout of magnets and sensors.
<img src='ankle-2dof/ankle-2dof-sketch-1.png' width=300px>
<img src='ankle-2dof/ankle-2dof-sketch-2.png' width=300px>
The two sensors can differentiate forces in the Z direction and moments around the X axis (out of the screen).
<img src='ankle-2dof/ankle-2dof-sim-force.png' width=300px>
<img src='ankle-2dof/ankle-2dof-sim-moment.png' width=300px>
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