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First iteration was a success!
## Stereo Planar Speaker
We made some more speakers today.
<img src="img/wireplotting-101.jpg" height=400px>
All the parts of one planar speaker.
<img src="img/week13-02.jpg" height=400px>
Coil membrane of the speaker.
<img src="img/wireplotting-100.jpg" height=400px>
An assembled planar speaker.
<img src="img/week13-01.jpg" height=400px>
Test of the stereo speaker with coil membrane pasted on the plastic.
<img src="img/output.mp4" height=400px>
If you compare this video with the two spacers one, you will notice that it seems to have better sound with a stiffer coil membrane.
## Links:
- [Planar magnetic headphones](
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