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......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ I did some more prototyping on this design, using milled 1/16" cotton-phenolic,
The DC resistance of these speakers came out to 7.5 ohms -- not too far off the 8 ohms I was shooting for. I also analyzed the impedance as a function of frequency (using the handy Analog Discover 2 USB oscilloscope), shown below. We can see the fundamental resonance a bit above 100 Hz (note: next prototype should make this lower).
<img src="img/waveforms-impedance-1.png" height=400px>
<img src="img/waveforms-impedance-1.png" height=600px>
I took some high speed video to look at the deformation modes. The fundamental mode is, well, fundamental:
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