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# Stall Condition Motor Test Rig
### [Link to motor testing data](
This rig allows for peak torque measurements at stall for a variety of actuators, and precise measurements of torque ripple (in motors with less/no reduction). It also allows for measurement of torque required for backdrivability, particularly in motors with significant amounts of reduction, as well as angular jitter from the motor's feedback loop.
Measurements include torque and rotational position and a 5kg (interchangeable) load cell with an [HX711 amplifier]( and an [AMS 5047D]( rotary encoder measuring 14 bits of shaft rotation. The stepper shown below is just a shell for mounting the shaft, and has had its rotor removed and replaced with a dummy stainless shaft (to eliminate cogging). The EDM'd 1-piece shaft coupler shown in the photo below added a ton of torsional elasticity to the measurement and was later replaced with a spider'd shaft coupling.
![alt_text](images/image1.png "image_tooltip")
![alt_text](images/image2.png "image_tooltip")
![alt_text](images/image3.png "image_tooltip")
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