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# Dynamometer
Picture below is a link to a video:
## 3/10/21
<figure class="video_container">
<video controls="true" allowfullscreen="true" poster="/images/3_10_21_frame.jpg">
<source src="/images/3_10_21.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
[<img src="images/3_10_21_frame.jpg" width="900">](
Picture above is a link to a video. Still waiting on an INA260 from digikey for power measurement, after which I should be able to fully characterize steppers (and other motors) with speed-torque curves heatmapped with efficiency.
Below is a high level overview of the dynamometer showing each major subsystem (aside from the power measurement IC which is being shipped from digikey). Each one is discussed in further detail below (please pardon my use of a breadboard at this stage :D).
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