Commit e08c3b01 authored by Erik Strand's avatar Erik Strand

Order post excerpts on homepage

parent ebe90c69
{{ define "main" -}}
<div class="posts">
{{ range .Data.Pages.ByDate -}}
<article class="post">
<h1 class="post-title">
<a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a>
<time datetime="{{ .Date.Format "2006-01-02T15:04:05Z0700" }}" class="post-date">{{ .Date.Format "Mon, Jan 2, 2006" }}</time>
{{ .Summary }}
{{ if .Truncated }}
<div class="read-more-link">
<a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">Read More…</a>
{{ end }}
{{- end }}
{{- end }}
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