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    Updated all host mode demos and projects to use the... · 137ce280
    Dean Camera authored
    Updated all host mode demos and projects to use the EVENT_USB_Host_DeviceEnumerationComplete() event callback for device configuration instead of manual host state machine manipulations in the main application task.
    Added new USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global variable to indicate the selected configuration in an attached device.
    Renamed global state variables that are specific to a certain USB mode to clearly indicate which mode the variable relates to, by changing the USB_* prefix to USB_Device_* or USB_Host_*.
    Removed the HOST_STATE_WaitForDeviceRemoval and HOST_STATE_Suspended host state machine states, as these are no longer required.
    Altered the USB_Host_SetDeviceConfiguration() function to update the new USB_Host_ConfigurationNumber global as required.
    Moved out the Host mode standard request convenience/helper functions from the architecture specific Host driver files to the architecture agnostic HostStandardReq.c driver file.