Commit 106f0eee authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Fix warning about possible string truncation in the TempDataLogger project.

parent fd024de8
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ ISR(TIMER1_COMPA_vect, ISR_BLOCK)
char LineBuffer[100];
uint16_t BytesWritten;
BytesWritten = sprintf(LineBuffer, "%02d/%02d/20%02d, %02d:%02d:%02d, %d Degrees\r\n",
BytesWritten = snprintf(LineBuffer, sizeof(LineBuffer), "%02d/%02d/20%02d, %02d:%02d:%02d, %d Degrees\r\n",
CurrentTimeDate.Day, CurrentTimeDate.Month, CurrentTimeDate.Year,
CurrentTimeDate.Hour, CurrentTimeDate.Minute, CurrentTimeDate.Second,
......@@ -168,12 +168,12 @@ int main(void)
/** Opens the log file on the Dataflash's FAT formatted partition according to the current date */
void OpenLogFile(void)
char LogFileName[12];
char LogFileName[16];
/* Get the current date for the filename as "DDMMYY.csv" */
TimeDate_t CurrentTimeDate;
sprintf(LogFileName, "%02d%02d%02d.csv", CurrentTimeDate.Day, CurrentTimeDate.Month, CurrentTimeDate.Year);
snprintf(LogFileName, sizeof(LogFileName), "%02d%02d%02d.csv", CurrentTimeDate.Day, CurrentTimeDate.Month, CurrentTimeDate.Year);
/* Mount the storage device, open the file */
f_mount(0, &DiskFATState);
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