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Delay needed in bluetooth code due to the send function not waiting for the...

Delay needed in bluetooth code due to the send function not waiting for the pipe bank to become ready before writing. Add in a call to Pipe_WaitUntilReady() to fix the issue.
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......@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@
TODO: Make SendPacket respect receiver's MTU
TODO: Make ReceivePacket stitch together MTU fragments (?)
TODO: Add channel opened/closed callbacks
TODO: Figure out why delay is needed in connection for services
......@@ -228,8 +227,10 @@ uint8_t Bluetooth_SendPacket(void* Data, const uint16_t DataLen, Bluetooth_Chann
DataHeader.DestinationChannel = (Channel == NULL) ? BT_CHANNEL_SIGNALING : Channel->RemoteNumber;
/* Write the packet contents to the pipe so that it can be sent to the remote device */
Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(&ACLPacketHeader, sizeof(ACLPacketHeader));
Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(&DataHeader, sizeof(DataHeader));
......@@ -369,8 +370,6 @@ static inline void Bluetooth_Signal_ConnectionReq(const BT_Signal_Header_t* cons
BT_ACL_DEBUG(2, "-- PSM: 0x%04X", ConnectionRequest.PSM);
BT_ACL_DEBUG(2, "-- Source Channel: 0x%04X", ConnectionRequest.SourceChannel);
_delay_ms(15); // TODO - Determine why this is needed
/* Try to retrieve the existing channel's information structure if it exists */
Bluetooth_Channel_t* ChannelData = Bluetooth_GetChannelData(ConnectionRequest.SourceChannel, CHANNEL_SEARCH_REMOTENUMBER);
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