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* in the array will receive a unique incrementing usage from the MIN value, up to MAX.
* - The LUFA library is not watchdog aware, and thus timeouts are possible if short periods are used
* and a lengthy USB operation is initiated.
* - No LUFA provided driver INF files for Windows are signed, and thus may fail to install on systems where driver signing is enforced (e.g. Windows 8).
* - Build System
* - No known issues.
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* \li PSGroove, a Playstation 3 Homebrew dongle:
* \li PS/2 to USB adapter:
* \li RaspiFace, an Arduino platform bridge for the Raspberry Pi:
* \li Reflow oven controller:
* \li Reprap with LUFA, a LUFA powered 3D printer:
* \li RFPirate, a RF experimentation platform:
* \li RF Transciever using the MRF49XA:
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