Commit 26cc2e9f authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Make BUILD build system module not destroy C++ source files, and support multiple architectures.

parent 56e792c9
......@@ -86,16 +86,27 @@ CPP_STANDARD ?= c++98
# Convert input source file list to differentiate them by type
C_SOURCE = $(filter %.c, $(SRC))
CPP_SOURCE = $(filter %.cpp, $(SRC)) $(filter %.c++, $(SRC))
CPP_SOURCE = $(filter %.cpp, $(SRC))
ASM_SOURCE = $(filter %.S, $(SRC))
# Convert input source filenames into a list of required output object files
OBJECT_FILES = $(C_SOURCE:%.c=%.o) $(CPP_SOURCE:%.c++=%.o) $(CPP_SOURCE:%.c++=%.o) $(ASM_SOURCE:%.S=%.o)
OBJECT_FILES = $(filter %.o, $(C_SOURCE:%.c=%.o) $(CPP_SOURCE:%.cpp=%.o) $(ASM_SOURCE:%.S=%.o))
# Create a list of flags to pass to the compiler
CC_FLAGS += -mmcu=$(MCU) -I. -I$(LUFA_PATH)/.. -gdwarf-2 -pipe
ifeq ($(ARCH),AVR8)
CC_FLAGS += -mmcu=$(MCU) -gdwarf-2 -fshort-enums -fno-inline-small-functions -fpack-struct
CROSS = avr-
else ifeq ($(ARCH),XMEGA)
CC_FLAGS += -mmcu=$(MCU) -gdwarf-2 -fshort-enums -fno-inline-small-functions -fpack-struct
CROSS = avr-
else ifeq ($(ARCH),UC3)
CC_FLAGS += -mpart=$(MCU) -g3 -masm-addr-pseudos
CROSS = avr32-
CC_FLAGS += -fno-strict-aliasing -funsigned-char -funsigned-bitfields -ffunction-sections
CC_FLAGS += -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes
CC_FLAGS += -fno-strict-aliasing -funsigned-char -funsigned-bitfields -ffunction-sections -fshort-enums -fno-inline-small-functions -fpack-struct -fshort-enums
CC_FLAGS += -I. -I$(LUFA_PATH)/.. -pipe
ifneq ($(F_CPU),)
......@@ -147,33 +158,32 @@ lss: $(TARGET).lss
%.o: %.c
@echo $(MSG_COMPILE_CMD) Compiling C file \"$^\"
avr-gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -O$(OPTIMIZATION) --std=$(C_STANDARD) $< -o $@
$(CROSS)gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -O$(OPTIMIZATION) --std=$(C_STANDARD) $< -o $@
%.o: %.cpp
%.o: %.c++
@echo $(MSG_COMPILE_CMD) Compiling C++ file \"$^\"
avr-gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -O$(OPTIMIZATION) --std=$(CPP_STANDARD) -x c++ $< -o $@
$(CROSS)gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -O$(OPTIMIZATION) --std=$(CPP_STANDARD) -x c++ $< -o $@
%.o: %.S
@echo $(MSG_COMPILE_CMD) Assembling \"$^\"
avr-gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -x assembler-with-cpp $< -o $@
$(CROSS)gcc -c $(CC_FLAGS) -x assembler-with-cpp $< -o $@
%.elf: $(OBJECT_FILES)
@echo $(MSG_LINKER_CMD) Linking object files into \"$@\"
avr-gcc $^ $(CC_FLAGS) $(LD_FLAGS) -o $@
$(CROSS)gcc $^ $(CC_FLAGS) $(LD_FLAGS) -o $@
%.hex: %.elf
@echo $(MSG_OBJCPY_CMD) Extracting HEX file data from \"$@\"
avr-objcopy -O ihex -R .eeprom -R .fuse -R .lock -R .signature $< $@
$(CROSS)objcopy -O ihex -R .eeprom -R .fuse -R .lock -R .signature $< $@
%.eep: %.elf
@echo $(MSG_OBJCPY_CMD) Extracting EEP file data from \"$@\"
avr-objcopy -j .eeprom --set-section-flags=.eeprom="alloc,load" --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 --no-change-warnings -O ihex $< $@ || exit 0
$(CROSS)objcopy -j .eeprom --set-section-flags=.eeprom="alloc,load" --change-section-lma .eeprom=0 --no-change-warnings -O ihex $< $@ || exit 0
%.lss: %.elf
@echo $(MSG_OBJDMP_CMD) Extracting LSS file data from \"$@\"
avr-objdump -h -S -z $< > $@
$(CROSS)objdump -h -S -z $< > $@
@echo $(MSG_REMOVE_CMD) Removing object files \"$(OBJECT_FILES)\"
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