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* \li Generic HID Open Source Framework:
* \li Ghetto Drum, a MIDI drum controller:
* \li GPS enabled lap timer for vehicles:
* \li Gumbi, a Python library and USB GPIO controller:
* \li Hardware Volume Control:
* \li Hiduino, a USB-MIDI replacement firmware for the Arduino Uno:
* \li Ikea RGB LED USB modification:
......@@ -119,6 +120,7 @@
* \li Stripe Snoop, a Magnetic Card reader:
* \li Stylophone, with USB MIDI connectivity:
* \li Teensy SD Card .WAV file player:
* \li Touch It (Fabulously), presumably art:
* \li Touchscreen Input Device:
* \li UDFS, a BBC Micro USB disk filing system:
* \li Universal USB AVR Module:
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