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Add default project template to the Doxygen manual of the library.

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......@@ -728,7 +728,7 @@ EXCLUDE_SYMBOLS = _* \
# directories that contain example code fragments that are included (see
# the \include command).
EXAMPLE_PATH = ./ CodeTemplates/
# If the value of the EXAMPLE_PATH tag contains directories, you can use the
# EXAMPLE_PATTERNS tag to specify one or more wildcard pattern (like *.cpp
......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@
* \section Sec_AppConfigParams The Default Application Template
* Below is a copy of the default LUFA application makefile, which can be used as a template for each application.
* \verbinclude makefile_template
* Inside each makefile, a number of configuration variables are listed with the syntax "<VARIABLE NAME> = <VALUE>". For
* each application, the important standard variables which should be altered are:
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