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* \li SDR1, a Software Defined Radio firmware:
* \li SEGA Megadrive/Genesis Development Cartridge:
* \li Serial Line bus analyser:
* \li SNES custom FLASH ROM:
* \li Smartcard Detective:
* \li SmartportVHD Apple II Mass Storage adapter:
* \li Single LED Matrix Display:
......@@ -129,6 +130,7 @@
* \li Arduino Uno, the official Arduino board:
* \li ARPS Locator:
* \li AsTeRICS assistive technologies project, HID actuator:
* \li Ceberus, a MadCatz Xbox 360 arcade stick modifier:
* \li CFFA3000, a CompactFlash interface for the Apple II:
* \li Digital Survey Instruments Magnetometer and Pointer:
* \li FinchRobot, a robot designed for educational use:
......@@ -144,6 +146,7 @@
* \li RFI21.1EU UHF RFID reader:
* \li SmartCardDetective, a Smart Card analysis tool:
* \li USBTINY-MKII, an AVRISP-MKII Clone AVR Programmer:
* \li UDS18B20 USB Temperature sensor:
* \li VMeter, a USB MIDI touch strip controller:
* \li XMEGA Development Board, using LUFA as an On-Board Programmer:
* \li Zeptoprog, a multifunction AVR programmer:
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