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Add Service Attribute request processing to the SDP server code.

parent e15838d4
......@@ -314,7 +314,106 @@ static void SDP_ProcessServiceSearch(const SDP_PDUHeader_t* const SDPHeader, Blu
static void SDP_ProcessServiceAttribute(const SDP_PDUHeader_t* const SDPHeader, Bluetooth_Channel_t* const Channel)
const void* CurrentParameter = ((void*)SDPHeader + sizeof(SDP_PDUHeader_t));
BT_SDP_DEBUG(1, "<< Service Attribute");
/* Retrieve the service handle whose attributes are to be examined */
uint32_t ServiceHandle = SwapEndian_32(*((uint16_t*)CurrentParameter));
CurrentParameter += sizeof(uint32_t);
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- Service Handle: 0x%08lX", ServiceHandle);
/* Retrieve the maximum Attribute reponse size from the request */
uint16_t MaxAttributeSize = SwapEndian_16(*((uint16_t*)CurrentParameter));
CurrentParameter += sizeof(uint16_t);
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- Max Return Attribute Bytes: 0x%04X", MaxAttributeSize);
/* Retrieve the list of Attributes from the request */
uint16_t AttributeList[15][2];
uint8_t TotalAttributes = SDP_GetAttributeList(AttributeList, &CurrentParameter);
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- Total Attributes: %d", TotalAttributes);
SDP_PDUHeader_t SDPHeader;
uint16_t AttributeListByteCount;
uint8_t ResponseData[100];
} ResponsePacket;
/* Create a pointer to the buffer to indicate the current location for response data to be added */
void* CurrResponsePos = ResponsePacket.ResponseData;
/* Clamp the maximum attribute size to the size of the allocated buffer */
if (MaxAttributeSize > sizeof(ResponsePacket.ResponseData))
MaxAttributeSize = sizeof(ResponsePacket.ResponseData);
/* Add the outer Data Element Sequence header for all of the retrieved Attributes */
uint16_t* TotalResponseSize = SDP_AddDataElementHeader16(&CurrResponsePos, SDP_DATATYPE_Sequence);
/* Search through the global UUID list an item at a time */
for (uint8_t CurrTableItem = 0; CurrTableItem < (sizeof(SDP_Services_Table) / sizeof(ServiceTable_t)); CurrTableItem++)
/* Read in a pointer to the current UUID table entry's Attribute table */
ServiceAttributeTable_t* CurrAttributeTable = (ServiceAttributeTable_t*)pgm_read_word(&SDP_Services_Table[CurrTableItem].AttributeTable);
/* Retrieve a PROGMEM pointer to the value of the Service Record Handle */
const void* ServiceRecord = SDP_GetAttributeValue(CurrAttributeTable, SDP_ATTRIBUTE_ID_SERVICERECORDHANDLE);
/* Check if the current service in the service table has the requested service handle */
if (memcmp_P(ServiceRecord, &ServiceHandle, sizeof(uint32_t)) == 0)
/* Search through the list of Attributes one at a time looking for values in the current UUID's Attribute table */
for (uint8_t CurrAttribute = 0; CurrAttribute < TotalAttributes; CurrAttribute++)
uint16_t* AttributeIDRange = AttributeList[CurrAttribute];
/* Look in the current Attribute Range for a matching Attribute ID in the service's Attribute table */
for (uint32_t CurrAttributeID = AttributeIDRange[0]; CurrAttributeID <= AttributeIDRange[1]; CurrAttributeID++)
/* Retrieve a PROGMEM pointer to the value of the current Attribute ID, if it exists in the service's Attribute table */
const void* AttributeValue = SDP_GetAttributeValue(CurrAttributeTable, CurrAttributeID);
/* If the Attribute does not exist in the current service's Attribute table, continue to the next Attribute ID */
if (AttributeValue == NULL)
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, " -- Add Attribute 0x%04X", CurrAttributeID);
/* Increment the service's returned Attribute container size by the number of added bytes */
*TotalResponseSize += SDP_AddAttributeToResponse(CurrAttributeID, AttributeValue, &CurrResponsePos);
/* Requested service found, abort the search through the service table */
/* Continuation state - always zero */
*((uint8_t*)CurrResponsePos) = 0;
/* Set the total response list size to the size of the outer container plus its header size and continuation state */
ResponsePacket.AttributeListByteCount = SwapEndian_16(3 + *TotalResponseSize);
/* Calculate the total parameter length that is to be sent, including the fixed return parameters, the created attribute
value list and the SDP continuation state */
uint16_t ParamLength = (sizeof(ResponsePacket.AttributeListByteCount) +
(3 + *TotalResponseSize) +
/* Fill in the response packet's header */
ResponsePacket.SDPHeader.TransactionID = SDPHeader->TransactionID;
ResponsePacket.SDPHeader.ParameterLength = SwapEndian_16(ParamLength);
/* Flip the endianness of the container's size */
*TotalResponseSize = SwapEndian_16(*TotalResponseSize);
BT_SDP_DEBUG(1, ">> Service Attribute Response");
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- Param Len 0x%04X", ParamLength);
/* Send the completed response packet to the sender */
Bluetooth_SendPacket(&ResponsePacket, (sizeof(ResponsePacket.SDPHeader) + ParamLength), Channel);
/** Internal processing routine for SDP Service Search Attribute Requests.
......@@ -608,7 +707,7 @@ static uint8_t SDP_GetUUIDList(uint8_t UUIDList[][UUID_SIZE_BYTES], const void**
memcpy(&CurrentUUID[0], *CurrentParameter, UUIDLength);
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- UUID (%d): 0x%02X%02X%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X",
BT_SDP_DEBUG(2, "-- UUID (%d): %02X%02X%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X-%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X",
CurrentUUID[15], CurrentUUID[14], CurrentUUID[13], CurrentUUID[12],
CurrentUUID[11], CurrentUUID[10], CurrentUUID[9], CurrentUUID[8],
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