Commit 5d8cdd9b authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Fix unfinished printer host demo - some printer languages use embedded NULLs...

Fix unfinished printer host demo - some printer languages use embedded NULLs and so strlen() won't work in all cases. Ensure NULL terminator for the test page is not transmitted to the device.
parent 8a68203d
......@@ -37,14 +37,14 @@
* \return A value from the Pipe_Stream_RW_ErrorCodes_t enum
uint8_t Printer_SendData(char* PrinterCommands)
uint8_t Printer_SendData(char* PrinterCommands, uint16_t DataLength)
uint8_t ErrorCode;
if ((ErrorCode = Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(PrinterCommands, strlen(PrinterCommands))) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
if ((ErrorCode = Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(PrinterCommands, DataLength)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
return ErrorCode;
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
/* Function Prototypes: */
uint8_t Printer_SendData(char* PrinterCommands);
uint8_t Printer_SendData(char* PrinterCommands, uint16_t DataLength);
uint8_t Printer_GetDeviceID(char* DeviceIDString, uint8_t BufferSize);
uint8_t Printer_GetPortStatus(uint8_t* PortStatus);
uint8_t Printer_SoftReset(void);
......@@ -207,9 +207,9 @@ void USB_Printer_Host(void)
char PCL_Test_Page[] = "\033%-12345X\033E LUFA PCL Test Page \033E\033%-12345X";
// char ESCP2_Test_Page[] = "\033@\033i\001\033X\001\060\000\r\nLUFA ESCP/2 Test Page\r\n";
printf_P(PSTR("Sending Test Page (%d bytes)...\r\n"), strlen(PCL_Test_Page));
printf_P(PSTR("Sending Test Page (%d bytes)...\r\n"), (sizeof(PCL_Test_Page) - 1));
if ((ErrorCode = Printer_SendData(PCL_Test_Page)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
if ((ErrorCode = Printer_SendData(PCL_Test_Page, (sizeof(PCL_Test_Page) - 1))) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
puts_P(PSTR(ESC_FG_RED "Error Sending Test Page.\r\n"));
printf_P(PSTR(" -- Error Code: %d\r\n" ESC_FG_WHITE), ErrorCode);
......@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ void UnicodeToASCII(uint8_t* UnicodeString, char* Buffer)
/* Loop through the entire unicode string */
while (CharactersRemaining--)
/* Load in the next unicode character (only the lower byte, only Unicode coded ASCII supported) */
/* Load in the next unicode character (only the lower byte, as only Unicode coded ASCII is supported) */
*(Buffer++) = *UnicodeString;
/* Jump to the next unicode character */
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