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Added new HID_Host_SetIdlePeriod() function to the HID Host Class driver.

parent b7759958
......@@ -357,6 +357,22 @@ uint8_t HID_Host_SetBootProtocol(USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t* const HIDInterfaceInf
return HOST_SENDCONTROL_Successful;
uint8_t HID_Host_SetIdlePeriod(const uint16_t MS)
USB_ControlRequest = (USB_Request_Header_t)
.bRequest = HID_REQ_SetIdle,
.wValue = ((MS << 6) & 0xFF00),
.wIndex = HIDInterfaceInfo->State.InterfaceNumber,
.wLength = 0,
return USB_Host_SendControlRequest(HIDReportData);
uint8_t HID_Host_SetReportProtocol(USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t* const HIDInterfaceInfo)
......@@ -251,6 +251,16 @@
uint8_t HID_Host_SetBootProtocol(USB_ClassInfo_HID_Host_t* const HIDInterfaceInfo) ATTR_NON_NULL_PTR_ARG(1);
/** Sets the idle period for the attached HID device to the specified interval. The HID idle period determines the rate
* at which the device should send a report, when no state changes have ocurred; i.e. on HID keyboards, this sets the
* hardware key repeat interval.
* \param[in] MS Idle period as a multiple of four milliseconds, zero to disable hardware repeats
* \return A value from the \ref USB_Host_SendControlErrorCodes_t enum.
uint8_t HID_Host_SetIdlePeriod(const uint16_t MS);
/** Switches the attached HID device's reporting protocol over to the standard Report protocol mode. This also retrieves
* and parses the device's HID report descriptor, so that the size of each report can be determined in advance.
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
* - Added new SPI_GetCurrentMode() function to the SPI peripheral driver
* - Added board hardware driver support for the EVK1100 board
* - Added board hardware driver support for the EVK1104 board
* - Added new HID_Host_SetIdlePeriod() function to the HID Host Class driver
* - Library Applications:
* - Added RNDIS device mode to the Webserver project
* - Added new incomplete AndroidAccessoryHost Host LowLevel demo
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