Commit b7627803 authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Add source static analysis build test using "cppcheck".

parent f5c155cf
# LUFA Library
# Copyright (C) Dean Camera, 2011.
# dean [at] fourwalledcubicle [dot] com
# Static anlysis of the entire LUFA source tree, using the free cross-platform "cppcheck" tool.
# Path to the root of the LUFA tree to scan
# Filenames or directories (including fragments) to exclude from the analysis
EXCLUDE_LIST = HostLoaderApp/ FATFs/ PetiteFATFs/ uip/
# Output message template for found warnings and errors
MESSAGE_TEMPLATE = "{file}({line}): {severity} ({id}): {message}"
cppcheck -q -f --error-exitcode=1 --template $(MESSAGE_TEMPLATE) --enable=style --suppress=variableScope $(EXCLUDE_LIST:%=-i%) $(LUFA_ROOT_PATH)
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@
$(MAKE) -C ModuleTest all
$(MAKE) -C SingleUSBModeTest all
$(MAKE) -C StaticAnalysisTest all
$(MAKE) -C ModuleTest $@
$(MAKE) -C SingleUSBModeTest $@
$(MAKE) -C StaticAnalysisTest $@
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