Commit ba711d67 authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera
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Oops - fix errors in the MassStorageKeyboard SCSI driver file due to incorrect copy/paste.

parent c326fe96
......@@ -307,10 +307,10 @@ static bool SCSI_Command_ReadWrite_10(USB_ClassInfo_MS_Device_t* MSInterfaceInfo
uint16_t TotalBlocks;
/* Load in the 32-bit block address (SCSI uses big-endian, so have to reverse the byte order) */
BlockAddress = SwapEndian_32(*(uint32_t*)&CommandBlock.SCSICommandData[2]);
BlockAddress = SwapEndian_32(*(uint32_t*)&MSInterfaceInfo->State.CommandBlock.SCSICommandData[2]);
/* Load in the 16-bit total blocks (SCSI uses big-endian, so have to reverse the byte order) */
TotalBlocks = SwapEndian_16(*(uint16_t*)&CommandBlock.SCSICommandData[7]);
TotalBlocks = SwapEndian_16(*(uint16_t*)&MSInterfaceInfo->State.CommandBlock.SCSICommandData[7]);
/* Check if the block address is outside the maximum allowable value for the LUN */
if (BlockAddress >= LUN_MEDIA_BLOCKS)
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