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Update AVRISP-MKII clone programmer documentation.

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* While this application can be compiled for USB AVRs with as little as 8KB of FLASH, for full functionality 16KB or more
* of FLASH is required. On 8KB devices, ISP or PDI/TPI protocol programming support can be disabled to reduce program size.
* \section Sec_KnownIssues Known Issues:
* \par XMEGA EEPROM programming fails in some cases.
* Several users have reported that XMEGA EEPROM programming fails unless the chip is erased first. If a non-blank EEPROM
* is present, writing further EEPROM data causes corruption.
* <a href="">LUFA issue tracker entry</a>.
* \section Sec_Installation Installation
* The programmer supports multiple platforms, both Windows and Linux.
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