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Removed the EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event, as not specifying a USB mode to...

Removed the EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event, as not specifying a USB mode to USB_Init() now defaults the controller into UID selection mode.
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......@@ -87,15 +87,6 @@
/* Public Interface - May be used in end-application: */
/* Pseudo-Functions for Doxygen: */
#if !defined(__INCLUDE_FROM_EVENTS_C) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
/** Event for USB stack initialization failure. This event fires when the USB interface fails to
* initialize correctly due to a hardware or software fault.
* \note This event only exists on USB AVR models which support dual role modes.
* \param[in] ErrorCode Error code indicating the failure reason, a value in \ref USB_InitErrorCodes_t.
void EVENT_USB_InitFailure(const uint8_t ErrorCode);
/** Event for USB mode pin level change. This event fires when the USB interface is set to dual role
* mode, and the UID pin level has changed to indicate a new mode (device or host). This event fires
* before the mode is switched to the newly indicated mode but after the \ref EVENT_USB_Device_Disconnect
......@@ -344,7 +335,6 @@
void USB_Event_Stub(void) ATTR_CONST;
#if defined(USB_CAN_BE_BOTH)
void EVENT_USB_InitFailure(const uint8_t ErrorCode) ATTR_WEAK ATTR_ALIAS(USB_Event_Stub);
void EVENT_USB_UIDChange(void) ATTR_WEAK ATTR_ALIAS(USB_Event_Stub);
......@@ -72,16 +72,7 @@ void USB_Init(
#elif defined(USB_HOST_ONLY)
UHWCON &= ~(1 << UIMOD);
#elif defined(USB_CAN_BE_BOTH)
if (Mode == USB_MODE_UID)
UHWCON |= (1 << UIDE);
USB_CurrentMode = USB_GetUSBModeFromUID();
else if (Mode == USB_MODE_DEVICE)
if (Mode == USB_MODE_DEVICE)
UHWCON |= (1 << UIMOD);
......@@ -91,8 +82,7 @@ void USB_Init(
UHWCON |= (1 << UIDE);
......@@ -317,17 +317,6 @@
void USB_ResetInterface(void);
/* Enums: */
/** Enum for error codes relating to the powering on of the USB interface. These error codes are
* used in the ErrorCode parameter value of the \ref EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event.
enum USB_InitErrorCodes_t
USB_INITERROR_NoUSBModeSpecified = 0, /**< Indicates that \ref USB_Init() was called with an
* invalid or missing Mode parameter.
/* Global Variables: */
#if (!defined(USB_HOST_ONLY) && !defined(USB_DEVICE_ONLY)) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
/** Indicates the mode that the USB interface is currently initialized to. This value will be
......@@ -142,8 +142,6 @@ ISR(USB_GEN_vect, ISR_BLOCK)
ENDPOINT_DIR_OUT, USB_ControlEndpointSize,
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
* - Changed over all demos, drivers and internal functions to use the current frame number over the Start of Frame flag where possible
* to free up the Start of Frame flag for interrupt use in the user application
* - All project makefiles now correctly clean intermediate build files from assembly and C++ sources (thanks to Daniel Czigany)
* - Removed the EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event, not specifying a USB mode now defaults to UID selection mode
* <b>Fixed:</b>
* - Fixed USB_GetHIDReportItemInfo() function modifying the given report item's data when the report item does not exist
......@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
* variables.
* - A new USB driver source file, Drivers/USB/HighLevel/PipeStream.c now exists. This source file should be added to all
* project makefiles using the USB driver of LUFA, or the makefile should be updated to use the new module source variables.
* - The EVENT_USB_InitFailure() event has been removed, as the USB_Init() function will no longer fail; if not USB mode is
* specified, the controller will default to UID selection mode.
* <b>Device Mode</b>
* - The signature for the CALLBACK_USB_GetDescriptor() callback has changed, the "void** const DescriptorAddress" parameter is
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