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Fixed error in PrinterHost preventing the full page data from being sent to the attached device.

parent 0fdc1a2b
......@@ -39,18 +39,19 @@
/** Sends the given data directly to the printer via the data endpoints, for the sending of print commands in printer
* languages accepted by the attached printer (e.g. PCL).
* \param[in] PrinterCommands Pointer to a structure containing the commands and length of the data to send
* \param[in] PrinterCommands Pointer to the data to send to the attached printer
* \param[in] CommandSize Size of the data to send to the attached printer
* \return A value from the Pipe_Stream_RW_ErrorCodes_t enum
uint8_t Printer_SendData(Printer_Data_t* PrinterCommands)
uint8_t Printer_SendData(void* PrinterCommands, uint16_t CommandSize)
uint8_t ErrorCode;
if ((ErrorCode = Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(PrinterCommands->Data, PrinterCommands->Length)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
if ((ErrorCode = Pipe_Write_Stream_LE(PrinterCommands, CommandSize)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
return ErrorCode;
......@@ -58,18 +58,8 @@
/** Pipe number of the Printer data OUT pipe */
/* Type Defines: */
/** Type define for a Printer Command Data structure, for the encapsulation of raw printer commands to
* send to an attached printer device.
typedef struct
char* Data; /**< Printer commands to send to the attached printer */
uint16_t Length; /**< Length in bytes of the commands to send to the attached printer */
} Printer_Data_t;
/* Function Prototypes: */
uint8_t Printer_SendData(Printer_Data_t* PrinterCommands);
uint8_t Printer_SendData(void* PrinterCommands, uint16_t CommandSize);
uint8_t Printer_GetDeviceID(char* DeviceIDString, uint16_t BufferSize);
uint8_t Printer_GetPortStatus(uint8_t* PortStatus);
uint8_t Printer_SoftReset(void);
......@@ -197,10 +197,10 @@ void USB_Printer_Host(void)
puts_P(PSTR("Retrieving Device ID...\r\n"));
char DeviceIDString[256];
char DeviceIDString[300];
if ((ErrorCode = Printer_GetDeviceID(DeviceIDString, sizeof(DeviceIDString))) != HOST_SENDCONTROL_Successful)
printf_P(PSTR(ESC_FG_RED "Control Error (Get DeviceID).\r\n"
printf_P(PSTR(ESC_FG_RED "Control Error (Get Device ID).\r\n"
" -- Error Code: %d\r\n" ESC_FG_WHITE), ErrorCode);
/* Indicate error via status LEDs */
......@@ -221,15 +221,12 @@ void USB_Printer_Host(void)
/* Indicate device busy via the status LEDs */
Printer_Data_t TestPageData =
"\033%-12345X\033E" "LUFA PCL Test Page" "\033E\033%-12345X",
(sizeof(TestPageData.Data) - 1)
char TestPageData[] = "\033%-12345X\033E" "LUFA PCL Test Page" "\033E\033%-12345X";
uint16_t TestPageLength = strlen(TestPageData);
printf_P(PSTR("Sending Test Page (%d bytes)...\r\n"), TestPageData.Length);
printf_P(PSTR("Sending Test Page (%d bytes)...\r\n"), TestPageLength);
if ((ErrorCode = Printer_SendData(&TestPageData)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
if ((ErrorCode = Printer_SendData(&TestPageData, TestPageLength)) != PIPE_RWSTREAM_NoError)
printf_P(PSTR(ESC_FG_RED "Error Sending Test Page.\r\n"
" -- Error Code: %d\r\n" ESC_FG_WHITE), ErrorCode);
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@
* - Fixed Device mode HID Class driver not explicitly initializing the ReportSize parameter to zero before calling callback
* routine, so that ignored callbacks don't cause incorrect data to be sent
* - Fixed StillImageHost not correctly freezing and unfreezing data pipes while waiting for a response block header
* - Fixed error in PrinterHost preventing the full page data from being sent to the attached device
* \section Sec_ChangeLog090810 Version 090810
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