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......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ PROJECT_BRIEF =
# exceed 55 pixels and the maximum width should not exceed 200 pixels.
# Doxygen will copy the logo to the output directory.
PROJECT_LOGO = ./DoxygenPages/LUFA_thumb.png
PROJECT_LOGO = ./DoxygenPages/Images/LUFA_thumb.png
# The OUTPUT_DIRECTORY tag is used to specify the (relative or absolute)
# base path where the generated documentation will be put.
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
* \page Page_Donating Donating to Support This Project
* \image html Author.jpg "Dean Camera, LUFA Developer"
* \image html Images/Author.jpg "Dean Camera, LUFA Developer"
* I am a 23 year old Atmel Applications Engineer, living in Trondheim, Norway and working on LUFA in my spare time.
* The development and support of this library requires much effort from myself, as I am the sole developer, maintainer
......@@ -54,21 +54,21 @@
* Copy over the exported library archive created via the steps listed in \ref Sec_LibraryExport to your AS5/AS6
* project directory.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step1.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step1.png
* \subsubsection SSSec_AS56_Import_Step2 Extract exported library
* Extract out the contents of the archive to a new folder. This may be any name you wish, however keep in mind
* that this name will need to be referenced within your user application under most circumstances. It is
* suggested that this folder be named "LUFA", or "LUFA" followed by the version string for easy reference.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step2.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step2.png
* \subsubsection SSSec_AS56_Import_Step3 Add the library files
* Open your AVRStudio 5/Atmel Studio 6 project. From the "Solution Explorer" pane, click the "Show All Files"
* button on the toolbar to display ghosted icons of files and folders located in the project source directory
* that are not currently added to the project.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step3.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step3.png
* Right-click the ghosted version of the extracted LUFA export folder in the Solution Explorer pane, and
* choose the "Add to Project" option from the context menu. This will add the entire LUFA source tree to the
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
* open the Project Properties window. This window allows you to configure the various project global compiler,
* assembler and linker options.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step4.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step4.png
* Click the "Toolchain" tab on the left side of the Project Properties window.
......@@ -94,13 +94,13 @@
* - F_CPU
* - F_USB
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_1.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_1.png
* Next, open the GNU C Compiler section's "Optimization" page. Ensure that the option to prepare functions for
* garbage collection is enabled.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_2.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_2.png
* Finally, in the GNU C Linker section, open the "Optimization" page. Ensure that the option to garbage collect
* unused sections is selected.
* \image html Images\AS5_AS6_Import\AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_3.png
* \image html Images/AS5_AS6_Import/AS5_AS6_Import_Step5_3.png
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
* \mainpage
* \image html LUFA.png
* \image html Images/LUFA.png
* <div align="center"><small><i>Logo design by <a href="">Studio Monsoon Photography</a></i></small></div>
* \n
* <div align="center"><a href=""></a></div>
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