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This work may be reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, and
displayed for any purpose, but must acknowledge the MTM project.
Copyright is retained and must be preserved. The work is provided as is;
no warranty is provided, and users accept all liability.
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## Clank-LZ Controller
The Clank-LZ Controller is a standalone / adhoc implementation of an ongoing experiment in modular controls for CNC machines *in general*. I'll make an effort in this repo to freeze development of those controllers for this particular machine, which is meant to *work* consistently and not break on the edge branch.
### Circuits & Firmware
... PSU breakout, circuit, CAD and firmware
... ESC breakout, circuit, and firmware
... Steppers, circuit and firmware
### Bootloader and Building
... have the feather-m4 bootloader, link to... std JTAG pinout. one pin on stepper motor board removed when loading code.
... vscode, code in the repo's above, load via usb
### Software
... runs a mixture of virtual machines / distributed control: JS handles for low level machine interface, UI wrap. serves from folder in here, auto-connects USB, reads GCodes.
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