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### The CAD
In Fusion 360:
And in Rhino:
Clank was developed in Fusion 360. The most recent .f3z (Fusion 360 Archive) and .step files are available in [the CAD folder](../cad) in this repo. These files have *enough* hardware included that one should be able to figure out which bolts / etc go where, but are not complete (i.e. in a group of four bolts, three may be missing).
[the latest fusion 360 file](../cad/2020-09-29_clank-lz.f3z)
......@@ -41,6 +47,15 @@ Bunch of videos, more or less in order:
If vimeo is down or slow, you can also download these videos [here in the repo](video/)
### Spindle Press Tools
Pressing the spindle shaft into the shaft bearings & spindle body is best done with some tooling, I have two for this:
Print these **at 100% infill** and use an arbor press to press the shaft into the bearings, and then the shaft / bearing into the spindle housing.
### Rob's Build Notes
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