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......@@ -14,7 +14,11 @@ To actuate, the following adapted gantry system: [gantry](
The main idea is to attach a beam to the linear axis and use it as a carriage to hold fixturing for tensile testing on the top half and compression testing in the bottom half. The gantry system shown above does not supply enough torque, so an adapted version was made shown below.
The uSSM #3 design takes advantage of the beam design by attaching 4 different beams to a larger "O-face", with webs in the corners to prevent torsion. The larger face itself is split into a bottom and top in order to make assembly easier, make each piece smaller to fit into laser cutter bed, and to have the possibility of changing top for larger specimens. The beam design also utilizes custom joinery talked about in the [beam]( repository. This makes the machine take some time to build, but it allows delrin sheets to be used, allowing many fabs with laser cutters to be able to make this machine.
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